Firefighters: how they deploy so quickly – Diary of 20 hours

Firefighters are fighting the fire at their home in Lozère. But Monday, August 8 again, they were fighting the flames 300 kilometers away, in Isère. Last month, they were also in Gironde to lend a hand to their colleagues. How are the reinforcements organized? Take the example of the ongoing fire in Lozère. The department’s firefighters were the first on the scene. But the fire is growing. Colleagues from Gard, Hérault or Bouches-du-Rhône are sent as reinforcements. It is a decision which is taken by the chief of staff of the defense zone. There are seven in France. They can help each other and provide manpower to areas affected by fires. This was the case in Morbihan on Monday August 8. The Haut-Rhin firefighters traveled 1,000 kilometers to lend a hand. The decision to send them was validated in the offices of the National General Staff in Paris. Agents must ensure that the reinforcements sent will not fail in their region of origin. This requires analyzing many factors. This coordination had notably made it possible to mobilize 2,000 firefighters during the fires in Gironde last month. TF1 | Report J. Cressen, N. Ly, S. Houllier

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