Fire station costs rise to 11.6 million euros

Updated: 10/24/20


Fire station costs rise to 11.6 million euros

The fire station on Klosterbergenstrasse is no longer up to date: vehicles that weigh more than twelve tons are not allowed into the hall

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City councilors receive draft budget. The city has to take out 62 million euros in loans to implement previously decided projects.

Reinbek. The politicians in Reinbek have just received the drafts for the budget deliberations this autumn from the town hall. The first word skirmishes during the latest city council already give an idea of ​​how hot the discussions on the priority list of investments will be: Reinbek’s finance department had announced in an information draft that the city would have to take out almost 62 million euros in loans by 2024 for the projects it had decided so far, to realize this.

The fire station was last estimated at seven million

In the proposal, which Mayor Björn Warmer called a “real storm of numbers”, it also came to light that the new fire station, which was last estimated at seven million euros, was not to be had for less than 11.6 million euros. “I find it extremely embarrassing that we are now at this amount,” said Andreas Kwasniok (Greens).

“The Greens, among others, have ensured that there were considerable delays in the fire department equipment house project,” warned Bernd Uwe Rasch (FDP) sourly. “With a construction cost increase of 38.5 percent, this sum is not so surprising.” Andreas Kwasniok defended himself: “We were not against the new fire brigade, we just pushed for a transparent procedure.” Klaus-Peter Puls (non-attached) admonished also, the template was only for knowledge, but affirmed: “The new fire brigades Ohe and Schönningstedt as well as the sports facility in Ohe must by no means only become real from 2025.” But they are not even included in the loan requirement.

The dilemma: if politicians push projects to consolidate the budget, the rise in construction costs will cause loan requirements to skyrocket. The city councilors took note of the information, although not benevolently, as Günther Herder-Alpen (Greens) emphasized.



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