“Fire Sin” is back! Filming for the new season is currently underway

One of the most discussed and recognizable series in Latvia, UgunsGreks, the last series of which was released in 2017, will return to the audience this autumn, TV3 is happy to share the news.

Filming of the new season “Return” has started in Bīriņi Castle, bringing together the already beloved actors of the series and brand new actors.

We are pleasantly excited about the opportunity to resume filming the cult series, with which a whole generation has grown up. Researching the habits of viewers on different platforms, we have come to the conclusion that “UgunsGrēku” is still watched and that it is an enduring value in the eyes of TV3 viewers,

emphasized Elīna Jēkabsone, Program Director of TV3 Group Latvia.

The series will continue in the same hotel seven years after the shadow of betrayal and scandal. The owner of the hotel gathers the former employees and regular guests for a mysterious meeting to make an important announcement that will ignite only the flames of passion characteristic of the series “Fire-Sin”.

“The Sin of Fire” is a cultural phenomenon created by Inta Gorodecka and her actors, which has remained unbeatable since filming was stopped. Still seeing our favorite actors, we hear shouts of excitement from both big and small, ”comments producer Uldis Cipsts.

Director Inta Gorodecka admits that several years after the cessation of filming, the interest of the audience has remained: We really want to delight our viewers with the actors they love. ”

Almost all of the protagonists of the previous season have confirmed their participation in this season – Ilze Vazdika, Regīna Devīte, Ģirts Ķesteris, Zane daugiņa, Egils Melbārdis, who will also be joined by Anete Berķe, Everita Pjata-Gertnere, Oskars Vīksne, Rihards Zeļezņevs, Kārlis.

“If we have already given a million moments of joy to the audience, why not continue it now,” said one of the leading actors in the series, Ģirts Ķesteris, succinctly but sincerely.

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