Fire brigade in continuous action: 2 men rescued from the flames | Regional

Darmstadt / Frankfurt – A fire in one of the rooms broke out on Saturday morning shortly after 7 a.m. in the Kursana nursing home “St. Barbara ”in the Griesheimer Schöneweibergasse.

Workers from Griesheim and Weiterstadt immediately moved in and were able to extinguish the fire immediately. Despite the rapid intervention, the resident (65) in the fire room was injured on the arm by the flames and had to go to the clinic, where he also had to be treated for smoke inhalation.

During the evacuation of the building, a woman (109) also fell, sustaining a head laceration. Like two senior citizens aged 86 and 89, who were also seriously injured by inhaling smoke gases, had to be driven to the nearest hospitals for treatment. Two other residents were slightly injured by inhaling smoke gases.

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All other residents of the dormitory could leave the building independently or were brought out of the building unharmed by carers and rescue workers. But some are also housed in other parts of the building that are not affected by fire and smoke.

The 65-year-old’s room is temporarily uninhabitable, and parts of the hallway were also damaged by the fire. The cause of the fire and the amount of damage are so far unclear.

In Frankfurt, too, the fire brigade rescued a man from a burning apartment at the weekend. The central control center received several emergency calls during the night because of the fire in the Bornheim district.

Took care of the injured: Helpers on the job in Griesheim

Photo: KeutzTV-News

This was preceded by calls for help from an apartment on the ground floor of an apartment building, which residents and firefighters had heard when they arrived. Without hesitation, three troops with breathing apparatus stormed into the apartment on fire – with success: the helpers were able to save the man, medics brought him to the clinic, while the fire brigade put out the flames for good. “It was an intensive and exhausting mission,” as the head of operations stated at the end.

Around 50 workers were on the scene for more than two hours before the residents could return to their apartments. A woman who lives above the apartment on the fire had to be looked after by the emergency services on site.

As in Griesheim, the apartment on fire was initially uninhabitable, the cause and amount of damage initially unclear.

The deep fryer caught fire in Wiesbaden

The fire brigade on the scene also called several emergency calls on Friday evening around 7:50 pm in Wiesbaden: “Smoke is coming from an apartment on the street ‘Im Rad’!”

What the emergency services – barely arrived – were also able to confirm. They immediately brought the residents to safety, then opened the apartment on fire – and immediately found the cause: A deep fryer in the kitchen that was switched on was overheated and caught fire.

What astonished the military personnel: There were no people to be discovered: It changed when the tenant showed up at the scene after a short time. He had left the apartment for a short time …

Expensive absence: The heavy smoke caused damage of around 50,000 euros, his apartment is currently no longer habitable.



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