“Fire-Boltt: The Surprising Competitor to Apple’s Smart Watch Dominance”

Smart watches are a world dominated by Apple. However, according to the Counterpoint agency, his dominance is no longer as pronounced as before. In the Wear OS segment, Samsung was considered the long-term king, with only a 9% market share. However, year after year, Samsung was (albeit only narrowly) relegated to third place. The second place was taken by the unknown Indian brand Fire-Boltt.

The watch market decreased by 1.5 percent year-on-year, and practically only India did well, which grew quite significantly. The Fire-Boltt brand owes its nine percent global share to India, which is also the only country where the brand offers its watches. Sales in this country thus surpassed sales of Samsung watches worldwide, and that’s telling. Originally, it was also a company that imported components from China and sold watches in India. However, the brand is trying to limit imports as much as possible, and previously confirmed to Forbes that it is also planning to expand to the US and Europe.

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Samsung (just narrowly) fell to third place in the world of smart watches. Fire-Boltt has a larger market share thanks to sales in India than Samsung, which sells watches worldwide

Samsung grew significantly only overseas, but lost in other markets. So it lost a percentage year-on-year, and only narrowly ranked with the brand, which has only entered the wider subconscious of users since 2020. Thanks to it, Apple’s market share has decreased over the past 12 months, from 32 to 26 percent. Huawei dropped out of the TOP3 because it did not do well even in the domestic market, where it recorded a 14% drop in deliveries

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Get used to Fire-Boltt watches

The Fire-Boltt brand offers on your website a lot of smart watches, where they attack with functions, but also with a low price. In the brand’s portfolio we can find “luxury” and outdoor watches, you can filter wrist devices according to call support or AMOLED display, which is one of the biggest attractions of the brand.

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The Fire-Boltt Supernova looks like an Apple Watch Ultra. But it doesn’t cost 21 thousand but eight hundred…

However, the trademark as such does not prevent others from copying it. Model Fire-Bott Supernova is nothing more than an Apple Watch Ultra clone. A watch with IP67 resistance, a display with a brightness of 500 nits and an environment that supports notifications and built-in games costs only 809 crowns in the current 80% sale… So the company gains market share by selling thousands of watches at extremely low prices. If this brand were to come to Europe and maintain its pricing policy, we dare to say that it would “wipe out” all competition.

Introducing the Fire-Boltt Terminator Watch:

Source: Counterpoint

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