Fire at Jotun factory in Sandefjord under control – VG

Those who were evacuated during the powerful fire at the Jotun plant in Sandefjord can move back.


The powerful fire broke out in the boiler room at the Jotun plant, where they produce binders for paint. It is 45 years since a major fire claimed six lives at the paint factory, but this time no injuries were reported.

We know this by now:

  • Status of the fire at 17.25: The fire is under control. The approximately 30 people who were evacuated in the immediate area are allowed to move back.
  • Recommendation to neighbors: Those who live within a radius of two kilometers were told at 5.25 pm that they can move freely again and open windows and air vents.
  • More explosions in advance: Jotun’s communications director, Christian Espolin Johnson, confirms to VG that it was one or more explosions before the fire broke out.
  • No one was injured: All employees were evacuated and there have been no reports of injuries.
  • Fear of chemicals in the sea: Because there are chemicals in the extinguishing water that are not so good for the surroundings, booms were placed in the sea. So the chemicals should not end up in the water and do damage there.

Fire service: Exactly 45 years since the previous fire

The industrial company Jotun produces paints and powder coatings. The head office and two production facilities are located in Sandefjord, but Jotun is a group with more than 10,000 employees worldwide.

The fire service in Vestfold writes on Twitter that today it is unbelievably 45 years since the last fire at Jotun’s paint factory:

– It is among Norway’s largest industrial fires, and has helped change how the authorities in Norway have followed up industries that handle flammable goods, the fire service writes.

Six people lost their lives in the fire in 1976, and eleven were injured. Values ​​of more than NOK 175 million were lost.

Jotun Kemiske Fabrik AS was founded in 1926. Today, the Jotun Group is owned by the Gleditsch and Orkla families. The group has 37 factories in 21 countries, and a total of 64 companies in 45 countries.

Mayor: evokes special memories

It was the grandfather of mayor Bjørn Ole Gleditsch (H) who in his time started the company. The mayor was 13 years old when a fire broke out in Jotun’s paint factory in 1976.

– I remember that fire very well, because my father was boss at Jotun. So when it first burns, special memories and emotions emerge, he says.


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