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There was a fire in a total of six apartments at Bjørgvingata in Haugesund.

The fire started in a house of four. The news of the fire arrived around 3.30pm.

The fire is said to have spread to two neighboring apartments, but was extinguished again in these two.

– The six apartments that were on fire are completely damaged, confirms Øystein Fonnes, emergency manager at the Haugesund fire brigade.

Øystein Fonnes, emergency manager at the Haugesund fire brigade.

Photo: Gisle Jørgensen / NRK

Five people have been recorded in the housing units that are on fire. All are accounted for.

– Firefighters are now carrying out controlled fires in the four apartments, said Olaug Bjørnsen, operations manager at the Sør-West police district on Friday afternoon.

He has to sleep in a hotel

There was complete overcombustion in several of the apartments. Firefighters managed to prevent it from spreading further north. Firefighters cooled the wall of a third nearby residence for fear of spreading.

It is not clear what caused the fire.

Over 30 people were evacuated from housing units in the area. Three were taken to hospital.

Residents of the total of six damaged apartments and other displaced people were gathered at a nearby daycare center, police chief Christian Alfredsen said.

Christian Alfredsen, police squad leader

Christian Alfredsen, police squad leader.

Photo: Gisle Jørgensen / NRK

– Everyone was offered hotel accommodation, says Alfredsen.

– It went very fast

Firefighters have advised nearby homes to keep their doors and windows closed due to heavy smoke in the area.

– It went very fast, already at the exit we asked for more resources. In total, we were on site with just over 30 people, says Fonnes.

The NRK reporter at the scene reports flames several meters high. At 16.30, when the fire had lasted an hour, Svein Nesse told the 110 Sør-Vest station that he was not under control.

Police cannot say anything about the cause of the fire, but say the fire appears to have started in an apartment building further south and has spread further. They have launched an investigation and will be conducting interviews in connection with this.

– We’ll stay here for a while to make sure it’s completely shut down before we leave the place, says Fonnes.

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