Fiorentina, Barone: “Vlahovic insulted by Atalanta fans … senseless things in sport”

Joe Barone, CEO of Fiorentina, spoke to DAZN after the victory at Atalanta: “An important result, the Italian did well to round the formation and the players responded well, we are satisfied: we managed the speed and kept the pace that Vincenzo was asking for. We are overjoyed on an important day for the players. Americans, the anniversary of September 11. I am sorry for what happened on the side of respect: it makes no sense, in sport, what Vlahovic went through today in two situations. Before taking the penalty, the fans sang certain things to Dusan … The same at the time of the post-match interview … Insults. We have a beautiful family, but we are down to earth. We enjoy this victory but we are only at the beginning, let’s get ready for the next one. “

Any replies to the complaints about refereeing from Atalanta?
“No, it’s useless. There are rules that each of us respects, I’m not a referee but I thought I saw good decisions in this match.”



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