Fiorentina-Atalanta, the slow motion of the Gazzetta: “Procedure error, Hateboer does not impact”

The Gazzetta dello Sport proposes the slow motion of Fiorentina-Atalanta. In particular, he focuses on the most discussed episode: Pezzella’s cross from the left and a goal canceled against Malinovsky. Hateboer’s active or passive offside? Referee Duties should have been called to the On Field Review rather than discovering that the final decision was from Var Banti. The second cannot, in some cases, be substituted for the first and since the final sentence must be of the arbitrator, therefore subjective, this is the procedural error. As for Hateboer, the rosea writes that it does not impact: Biraghi is induced to go to the Dutchman (no contacts) but it is a stretch to think that this influences Malinovski’s goal that is in play and that should have been marked / followed by another viola.

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