Fine-tuning of the top 40 group A schedule, the national football team will face the Philippines in advance to test the pressure resistance

Original title: Fine-tuning of the top 40 group A schedule, the national football team will face the Philippines in advance to test the ability to resist pressure

News from our newspaper (Reporter Zhao Rui) The Group A of the top 40 match of the Chinese team has finished the second round of the game in June through the tournament system. This is one of the results the Chinese team hopes. The remaining suspense is not difficult. Crack, the most likely venue of the competition is Shanghai. However, the order of the four opponents of the Chinese team has been fine-tuned. This may be a “pit” that tests the “Iron Army”‘s ability to withstand pressure.

In the first round of the top 40, the order of opponents of the Chinese team is Maldives, Guam, the Philippines, and Syria. The strength is very obvious from weak to strong. The second round of competitions uses the ninth and tenth rounds of the competition. Therefore, the seventh and eighth rounds in March need to be interspersed in the June competition cycle. The adjusted four The order of opponents is Maldives, Philippines, Guam, Syria.

There are many European and American naturalized players in the Philippine team. Although they are not top-notch players, they are no longer the “fish belly” in the traditional impression. The first round of home games can draw with Lippi’s Chinese team is a good proof. According to reports, the Philippine team has recently naturalized a Spanish player. The player named Marano serves as a striker. He became the best scorer in history with 35 goals in the AFC Cup last year.

The next goal of the Chinese team is to win four rounds. One of the problems facing the whole team is that they have not played any official games in more than a year. Originally they planned to use the Maldives and Guam teams to adjust the lineup, adjust the state, and then compete with each other. There is still hope that the Philippine team, which is second in the competition group, will start a big battle. The Sino-Philippines war was held in advance, which was unplanned for the Chinese team. However, defeating the Philippine team is a task that the Chinese team must complete, and it must be faced sooner or later.

The Syrian team, which has already won the top 12 seats, has recently naturalized a number of blood-related players from the European League. The team will have a warm-up match with Bahrain on March 25. The Syrian Football Association is currently looking for another warm-up opponent for the team. Theoretically, the Syrian team’s next 40 games are based on training to prepare for the next 12 games. As long as the Chinese team has enough desire to win, the chance of winning is not small.

According to AFC regulations, the deadline for the competition to host is March 5th, and the final venue will be announced on March 15. The Chinese Football Association is striving for the match to settle in Shanghai. The chairman of the Philippine Football Association Aranette stated in an interview with domestic media on the 22nd that the Philippine team will work with four other teams to complete the first group match of the World Preliminary Top 40 in mid-to-early June in a closed manner. China proceeded.

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