Fine arts teachers and artists will benefit with national and international scholarships

The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCYT) ordered the execution of national undergraduate scholarship programs for students, musicians, fine arts teachers and managers in areas related to the development and dissemination of culture in the Dominican Republic.

Likewise, it will strengthen the processes of training of artists, playwrights, filmmakers, creatives, writers, managers and administrators of culture in the different specialized areas, taking into consideration the higher education programs offered by the different national and international universities linked to the Ministry and their direct or indirect contribution to the priority needs of the country established through central government policies.

The decision follows from a inter-institutional collaboration agreement signed between the Minister of the MESCYT, Dr. Franklin García Fermín, and the Minister of Culture (MINC), Carmen Heredia de Guerrero, as well as an inter-institutional cooperation framework agreement signed by both officials with the director of the National Symphony Orchestra, maestro José Antonio Molina Miniño.

One of the agreements contemplates granting national and international scholarship programs for continuing higher education (masters, postgraduate and doctoral degrees) for masters of the fine arts, artists, writers, filmmakers, playwrights, cultural managers and administrators, as well as collaborators of the MINC, taking into consideration the link between its activities with the development and dissemination of culture in the Dominican Republic.

Likewise, the MESCYT will collaborate technically with the MINC in the development of specialization, masters and doctorates in the areas of museography, curatorship, conservation, restoration, archeology, caving, anthropology, cultural management, socio-cultural project management, cultural heritage, cultural industries, performing arts, cinematography, visual arts, music, literature, management in Public Administration and human management as well as any other area or discipline of art and culture.

The MESCYT agreed with Culture to jointly encourage the development of field research in the fields of culture, music, archeology, speleology and museography, creative industries, among other areas of cultural specialization among higher education institutions that have a presence in the different regions of the Dominican Republic.

In addition, collaborate with the strengthening of the National System of Artistic Education of the country in the formal and informal fields through the training of artistic teachers in curricular design through the continuing education programs of the different IES, taking into consideration their academic merits and talent. in the various modalities of art (visual arts, music, performing arts, museography and literature).

The MESCYT agreed with the National Symphony Orchestra to establish an inter-institutional cooperation link to carry out initiatives within the framework of its objectives aimed at promote the study and dissemination of classical or cult music within the territory of the Dominican Republic and abroad.

Regarding the agreements, García Fermín, Heredia de Guerrero and Molina Miniño described them as transcendental and historical for the national artistic class and culture.

Molina thanked the Minister of the MESCYT for having taken into account the artistic class and the culture of the country, with respect to the training process, with the opening of opportunities in this regard.

The deputy minister of the MESCYT, Juan Francisco Viloria; the person in charge of the Vice Ministry of Accreditation, Juan de la Cruz; the Vice Ministers of Culture, Gamal Michelén, Giovanny Cruz, Jessica Monegro; and the general director of Fine Arts, Mario Lebrón


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