Finding Strength in Faith: Women Winemakers Overcome Challenges in New York City

Finding Strength in Faith: Women Winemakers Overcome Challenges in New York City

“God is always with me, and for those who have faith, God is always there.” Those are the words that María Vargas, a renowned winemaker in New York City, clings to to overcome the insecurity that this type of business faces.

Berenice Gartner, from Univision 41, went to the “Altagracia” warehouse, located on 176th Street, on the corner of Jerome Avenue, in the Bronx. According to María Vargas, her place bears that name, “because you have to pray every day to finish the day.”

For 34 years, she has owned a business where she has had to break many barriers. “This comes from my parents’ inheritance.”

But María is not the only one, because more and more women are starting out as winemakers, a business that until not long ago was “only for men.”

According to figures managed by Univision 41, in New York there are about 13,000 wineries and approximately 5% (about 650) are managed by women.

“What moves me is courage and faith in God”

The “Altagracia” winery owner expresses that the challenges that she, and other entrepreneurs, must face are very great, since crime plagues their businesses.

He assured that he has seen criminals entering his warehouse with firearms and knives. However, she is a warrior who finds courage to open every day, despite her insecurity.

“What moves me is courage and faith in God, I always have it (…) But lately I have had a lot of loss,” he said, letting a tear escape.

Program delivers panic buttons to winemakers in New York

Francisco Marte, from the New York Winegrowers Association, understands María Vargas’ fears, because she was once on the verge of losing an arm after being shot while tending her winery.

For these reasons, it leads a program so that the owners of these businesses have effective security devices that at least intimidate criminals.

“We are providing facial recognition or high-resolution cameras and a panic button for winemakers, in areas where there is more violence, they can immediately call the police,” he explained.

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