Finding Human Hair, Revealed Terrible Slavery Practices in Xinjiang, Involving Uighur Muslims, This Is America’s Response

Sosok.ID – Business wig or wig is an industry that is growing.

A hairstylist named Mikayla Lowe Davis attests to this.

She has been in the business for decades, and nowadays even though it is a pandemic, people still want to beautify one of these body parts.

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Launching CNN, the hair extensions business is growing rapidly, as mentioned history professor Tiffany Gill from Rutgers University, who also wrote the book “Beauty Shop Politics.”

The most popular wigs are black hair, which in 2018 was estimated to be worth over US $ 2.5 billion in the United States alone.

This commodity has earned the worldwide nickname ‘black gold’, due to its continuously increasing price.

Now, there is a terrible reality behind the business.

The majority of these products come from Asia, especially China.

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