Find out what are the most frequently purchased items on Latvian shopping sites during the year!

Tickets for various entertainment events have left the top of goods and services most frequently purchased on Latvian shopping sites, ranking insurance, clothing and ready-to-eat food in the first place, according to the latest Internet commerce and technology company Gemius e-commerce survey on Latvian Internet users’ online shopping habits.

An e-commerce study conducted in February this year found that Latvian Internet users surveyed are most often encouraged to shop online by the fact that online stores are always open, as indicated by more than 60% of respondents. However, unlike the survey data a year ago, when it was also possible to compare products and services more easily among the three most popular motivations, this year 59% of surveyed Internet users indicate the possibility to buy goods that are not available in their place of residence. As in February 2007, when the first wave of the 2020 survey was conducted, online shopping is also encouraged by better prices than in traditional stores, which is the third most frequently cited motivating factor. Half of the respondents consider online shopping to be the safest way to shop during a pandemic.

Priorities for purchased goods and services have also changed during the year. If a year ago Internet users actively bought tickets for entertainment events on Latvian e-commerce sites – tickets for concerts, theaters and cinemas – but often bought airline tickets and booked other travel-related services on foreign sites, this year the respondents of this product group bought significantly less.

Entertainment tickets were the most purchased category of goods a year ago, while this year the figure has shrunk by more than 40 percentage points. Meanwhile, the purchase of airline tickets on foreign e-commerce sites has decreased more than three times.

Most often, during the last six months, respondents have purchased insurance on Latvian e-commerce sites, which was the second most popular product category a year ago. Footwear and clothing, as well as ready-to-eat food delivery services, are the second most frequently purchased product group on Latvian sites during the last six months. The already mentioned airline tickets and tickets for other vehicles, as well as reservation services have been replaced by games, various smart devices and computers in the top of the most frequent purchases of foreign e-commerce sites this year, keeping the first place for clothes and shoes.

In general, the number of respondents who have indicated that they have made purchases in Latvian e-commerce stores has increased – at the beginning of this year they were 90% of respondents, but last year – 86%, while users chose foreign shopping site less often – 71% of respondents this year, but 74 % of respondents at the beginning of 2020.

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According to the latest Gemius E-Commerce survey, 72% of respondents shop online at least once a month and more often, and the number of respondents who believe that their spending on the Internet will increase this year has risen sharply – a quarter in February 2020. this year already 43% of respondents. During the last six months, 85% of Latvian Internet users surveyed have shopped online, which is eight percentage points more than a year ago.

The Gemius E-Commerce Survey was conducted from January 13 to February 3 this year, surveying 3,115 respondents in the 18-74 age group. It is created using a specialized Internet survey – gemiusAdHoc. The study is based on data obtained with the help of pop-up Internet questionnaires, which were displayed to randomly selected Internet users on the most popular portals in Latvia.


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