Find out the dates for the screening of the story “The First Impression” by the artist, Menna Shalaby

The first episode of the story of the first day of the series Namira Attenin will be shown on the Shahid VIP platform, starting tomorrow, Thursday, November 25, and that story will be starring the artist Menna Shalaby and the artist Ahmed Malik and from a dramatic treatment, screenplay and dialogue by Maryam Naoum and directed by Muhammad Shaker Khudair.

The dates of the presentation of the story of the first day of yesterday by the artist Menna Shalaby and the artist Ahmed Malik:

The events of yesterday’s story episodes revolve around a girl named Lubna, who decided to go to Yusef’s birthday party six months after his separation, in order to prove to herself that she has passed that stage of her life and then finds herself locked in the bathroom.

While the director of the work, Muhammad Shaker Khudair, said that this idea made me excited from the beginning and that in addition to cooperation with a group of creative and talented people, both in front of the camera roll, as I enjoyed working with the stars of the episode.

The artist, Menna Shalaby, is a great star and a talented actress to the greatest extent. As for the artist Ahmed Malik, he is a talent worth stopping by, as he has the ability to always surprise me in front of the camera, and this cooperation between them is the second and I am confident that it will not be the last.

And about his way of dealing with the text, Muhammad Shaker Khudair said, as long as I believed that the best way to get to know the director’s way of dealing with the text is to watch the entire work. As for me, I produced more than one work in which there is a large part of romance and other dramatic styles.

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