Find out if WhatsApp will stop working on your iPhone in 2022

As previously reported, the WhatsApp will cease to operate on some models of iPhones after the 24th of October. The devices in question are those that run iOS 10 and iOS 11 operating systems. To continue using the application, the user must update the cell phone.

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One of the top websites WhatsApp related news, WABetaInfo, confirmed that the messenger will only work effectively with mobile devices running iOS 12 or later. In all other cases, the app will ask for Android 4.1 or above and KaiOS 2.5.0.

iPhone models that will no longer run WhatsApp

Today, Apple offers users iOS 15. The system is compatible with “apple” devices from the iPHone SE (1st generation), iPhone 6 and above models. In addition, those who use iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s, for example, can still update their phone to iOS 12 and keep WhatsApp running.

In the case of iPhone 5 users, which was released with iOS 6 and only updated to iOS 10, for example, it will be necessary to change the smartphone for the messenger to continue running, considering that the support for updates for this model will be ended. in a few months.

Check out the message about the need to update the device issued by the company:

As a form of warning to users, WhatsApp began to forward notifications regarding the update. With this, users will have a longer period of time to change their device or install iOS 12 or higher versions.

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