Find out how to know what your customers want

Imagine that you could predict if your customer is going to buy from you again or if he is going to unsubscribe or which product is the one that interests your user the most.

In short, imagine that you had the capacity and the tools to know what your client wants.

This is the new power of the predictive marketing, which predicts all those needs that the users of your brand will want or need.

Thanks to byRatings, this strategy can be carried out.

In 2014, a group of marketing and artificial intelligence experts created ByRatings, originally calling the company Lead Ratings, and with a clear objective: create artificial intelligence solutions, based on predictive algorithms, to help companies improve your marketing and sales results.

It was, therefore, to evolve from traditional marketing to predictive marketing.

As stated Ricard Bonastre, Co-Founder and CEO of ByRatings, the main threads of your company are: improving the results of your clients, maximizing the performance of the algorithms and offering solutions that are easy to integrate.

They are based on scientific rigor and excellence.

What do predictive algorithms bring to marketing?

Mainly, a very precise knowledge about the client’s interests based on analyzing their behavior in real time.

This is thanks to the self-learning capacity called machine learning o deep learning.

This strategy allows the advancement and improvement of companies since, if I can analyze what my clients’ preferences are, I can adjust my marketing strategies to adapt my business to the needs of users and ensure the growth of my company.

The more knowledge you get from a target audience, the more profitable you can get.

At present and after hundreds of algorithms developed, byRatings has implemented its predictive marketing solutions in more than 80 companies such as VW, Audi, Banco de Sabadell, Grupo Planeta, Servihabitat, ThePowerMBA, La Vanguardia or Greenpeace.

Solutions that predict which flat or car will be sold first, what is the optimal investment in marketing tailored to your company, the best agent to sell insurance, why a subscriber unsubscribes or which course is the most appropriate for each student.

Easy to integrate solutions, adaptable to any sector and that achieve the improvement of company results.

Marketing has evolved over the years and has placed the relationship with the customer at its center of priorities.

To achieve greater progress and evolution, companies will have to learn to adapt to market innovations, such as ByRatings predictive marketing, to focus on the fact that the most important thing is the customers since, if there is no happy end consumer, the company would not make sense, so they would definitely lose the pulse of the market.

Reinventing yourself equals progress, progress equals evolution, and all these combinations lead to results.

About byRatings

Lead Ratings born in 2014 from the experience of the founder, Ricard Bonastre, who detected the potential of using algorithms to determine the quality of leads.

From the beginning Lead Ratings stood out for two reasons: Increase e Innovation.

And now it’s ByRATINGS, experts in Machine Learning and Deep Learning applied to Predictive Marketing.


On 2015 Lead Ratings was the winner of the contest BStartup from Banc Sabadell to accelerate the growth and scalability of the company.

Since then more than 250 projects, more than 1000 algorithms developed and millions of data analyzed.


On 2016 We signed a collaboration agreement with the CESIC Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA-CESIC) that certified our technology and the methodology used for the development of our algorithms.

We were awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness with the seal Innovative SME and the Entrepreneurship, which certifies our innovative culture. We have also received support from the CDTI Neotec European Funds for the development of innovative Predictive Marketing solutions.



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