Find out about the prices of iron and cement in the local market today

Building materials prices stabilized at the beginning of the week today, Saturday 10/17/2020, according to the Building Materials Division of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce. Ahmed Al-Zeiny, head of the Building Materials Division at the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, said that the building materials market is witnessing stability, thanks to the increase in local production of cement and iron. , Indicating that a ton of iron recorded 9100 – 9500 pounds for handing over factory land, and that the price to the consumer is at 9400 – 10,000 pounds.

In exclusive statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea, Al-Zaini indicated that a ton of cement recorded 650-680 pounds at factory delivery, while the consumer price reached 700-750 pounds per ton.

The head of the General Division of Building Materials at the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce revealed that the price of gypsum is 550-650 pounds per ton, the price of sand is between 60-100 pounds, and the bricks are between 750-950 pounds per thousand bricks.

And the Egyptian Customs Authority had implemented Ministerial Decree No. 346 of 2019 issued regarding imposing duties on importing iron and billet, so that the implementation of the decision, as stated in its text, to impose gradual fees, after the end of the six-month period decided by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to continue customs duties on iron and steel as they are. .

The Ministry of Industry and Trade decided last April to extend the fees currently imposed on Egypt’s imports of iron and billet, which are 25% on finished steel and 16% on billet until October 11, 2020 instead of April 11, 2020.

Returning to the implementation of Resolution 346, the fees imposed on finished iron drop from 25% to 21%, and fees on billets drop from 16% to 13% according to the text of the same decision, according to a source in the anti-subsidy and anti-dumping agency sector (the trade agreements sector).


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