Financial Worries: Britney Spears’ Mother Returns to Teaching to Support Herself

Financial Worries: Britney Spears’ Mother Returns to Teaching to Support Herself

In addition to the fact that many people are worried about Britney Spears (Britney Spears) during this time, there are also reports that the famous singer’s mother is equally worried. After one news source revealed to the Daily Mail news agency From the United Kingdom that Mrs. Lynn Spears had a miserable life and had to return to being an assistant teacher to support herself again, even though she was 68 years old.

“She doesn’t have enough money to fill her stomach.” Even though I went to get hired as an assistant teacher.” One source told the Daily Mail.

The source further said: Ms. Lynn returned to her hometown as an assistant teacher in August. Before Britney became famous in the early 2000s, Ms. Lynn was a teacher and ran a nursery. I have taken care of children before.

The Daily Mail stated that Assistant teacher in the Kentwood, Louisiana area in the southern United States. Earns $15 (551 baht) per hour.

Ms. Lynn is not the first time she has encountered financial problems, as she filed for bankruptcy in 1999. Over the past 20 years, she has owned five companies, including Britney Online Inc. and One More Time Inc. were also included, but are no longer affiliated with these companies.

Not only that, Ms. Lynn does not own any real estate. They also sold the house Britney lived in when she was a child in 2021 for $275,000, and the luxury mansion she currently lives in is worth $2 million. Planted by Britney in 2001

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As for this financial problem, it is likely accumulated from a lawsuit regarding the right to manage the property of a famous singer that has lasted for many years. In April 2022, or almost 5 months after Britney officially left her father taking over managing everything in her life. Ms Lynn is also demanding that her eldest daughter pay $660,000 in legal fees and court fees incurred during that time. But the famous singer’s lawyer refused. and said that Britney has been the breadwinner for the family for many years. Plus, various utility bills are paid. to Mrs. Lynn throughout the years Representing approximately 1.7 million dollars (62 million baht)

In October of the same year, Ms. Lynn dropped the claim for attorney’s fees and court fees. Hoping to bring Britney back together. Until they came back together last May.

However, while it seems that they have been reconciled, A source further revealed to the Daily Mail that the good times This did not last long. Because Britney disconnected from her family again after divorcing her ex-husband, Sam Askari, 29, in August. At that time, Britney felt that her family was trying to take advantage of her again. Even though I had just escaped from my father’s exploitative contract.

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