Financial Shield of the Polish Development Fund. Marczuk presented new data

“As of today, 93% of companies (323 thousand) that have benefited from the Finasn Shield. 1.0 @Grupa_PFR received a redemption decision from us. Today, the redemption amount has exceeded PLN 35 billion. We write off 63% of the aid paid on average. Employment retention rates in assisted companies reach 95%, ”he wrote on Twitter.


PFR financial shield

The PFR Financial Shield is one of the elements intended to provide government assistance to entrepreneurs in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. The main instrument is now Financial Shield 2.0.

“The aim of the program is to protect the labor market and provide companies with financial liquidity in times of serious economic disturbances. It is intended to help entrepreneurs return to the path of growth after the economy freezes during the fight against the coronavirus. About 3 million employees are covered by the program, ”we read on the PFR website.

Redemption conditions

PFR subsidies may be redeemed up to 100 percent. if the entrepreneurs meet several conditions. These are i.a. continuation of business activities; maintaining average employment (micro-enterprises) or accounting for the surplus of subsidies granted (SMEs); ex post verification of the loss forecast and the amount of economic turnover for the period from 1 January 2021 to 31 March 2021 (SMEs).

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