Finance Minister: “If we blame the government for the price crisis, we will blame it anyway.”


Thursday 15 September 2022

Books – Moataz Abbas:

Dr Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, said the growth rate reached 6.6% despite the circumstances of the global crisis, explaining that all citizens of the world suffer from high prices and energy and electricity bills. gas, as the crisis is global and not local.

Maait added, during his meeting with the “Facts and Secrets” program, broadcast on the “Echo of the Country” channel, today, Thursday, that Egypt has spent a lot to solve the electricity crisis, as well as for the crisis. of the road network, and the crises of petrol, diesel and gas queues.

He continued: “If you had not had 6.6% growth at this level, you would have found that the unemployment rate would have increased and in the period from 2011 to 2013 the unemployment rate had reached 13.3%, and now it is. reached 7.2%, despite our demographic growth and the entry of one million people into the labor market every year, and to solve the unemployment problem. We must achieve growth rates of more than 7% every year “.

He continued: “The citizen who says that the government has a mistake, there is no government in the world that has no mistakes … The same citizen who praised the government in managing the Corona virus crisis, but it is the same citizen who praised the government’s performance in managing the crisis better and did not hear it. “

And he added: “If you blame the government for the global crisis and the rise in prices, we must blame all the governments of the world for it, because all citizens suffer the repercussions of this crisis and suffer from high prices and electricity. . gas and water bills, because it is a global crisis and not a local one “.

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And he continued: “If the world lives stable, I don’t have this crisis and we only have faults, and I appreciate that the prices of goods for the citizen and the standard of living really affect it negatively and cause him problems, but if you ask any citizen of the world, you will find this same situation. “

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