Finally Raffi Ahmad answers the issue of cheating on Mimi Bayuh behind Nagita, there is a code for head movement

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – The issue of infidelity hit the presenter again Raffi Ahmad. This time husband Nagita Slavina rumored with employees RANS Entertainment, Mimi Bayuh |.

After a long silence, finally boss RANS Cilegon FC it is open voice on the issue.

It is known, the alleged gossip per affair Mimi Bayuh | and Raffi Ahmad This is the first time that the Instagram account @danunyinyir has been exposed.

Raffi Ahmad and Mimi Bayuh’s unusual closeness left suspicion.

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Like when Mimi Bayuh | caught being invited Raffi Ahmad take a private jet fly to hometown.

Even then, Raffi Ahmad participate in inviting the family Mimi Bayuh |.

Moment Raffi Ahmad together Mimi Bayuh | and his family, no figure in sight Nagita Slavina as well as other Rans Entertainment employees.

Not only that, when on the plane, Raffi Ahmad and Mimi Bayuh | seen wearing a white uniform and jeans.

But what is in the spotlight, is when the hand Mimi Bayuh | is above the thigh Raffi Ahmad.

Seeing this portrait, the public was surprised by Raffi Ahmad’s attitude, which instead allowed employees to touch him.

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