Finally ice hockey, finally ERC –

Ice Hockey Germany had to wait a long time for this news. So it’s all the more beautiful that it’s now established. The 2020/21 PENNY DEL season starts with all 14 clubs. The first matchday will take place on December 17th. From then on there is ice hockey almost every day, sometimes up to three games in one day. The exact schedule will be published soon.

Gernot Tripcke, Managing Director of PENNY DEL, is pleased with the positive news: “That was hard work for everyone involved and true teamwork. Just a few weeks ago it didn’t look like all clubs would make it. Our goal has always been that we want to start with 14 clubs if possible. We succeeded. So the praise goes to everyone who has contributed to the fact that we can now start the new season with full strength. All fans can look forward to non-stop ice hockey. “

“The joy is huge that things are finally starting again and that all 14 teams will contest the season. Thanks again to all involved. To our partners, players, coaches and all employees. Of course, it is a downer that the fans will not be able to attend the stadium until further notice. But we will try to involve our followers in the best possible way and take them with us through our channels. And they will also be able to follow all the games in top quality live on Magenta Sport this season “, says ERC Managing Director Claus Liedy after the Panthers announced on November 10th that they could take part in a 2020/21 season.

The mode: south and north group

The coming season will be played in a different mode due to the current pandemic situation. The mode includes 28 regional game days (24 games per club) in two groups (double round), as well as 14 games (first and second leg) against the seven teams of the other division.

The Eisbären Berlin, Fischtown Pinguins Bremerhaven, Düsseldorfer EG, Kölner Haie, Iserlohn Roosters, Krefeld Pinguine and Grizzlys Wolfsburg play in the Nord group. In the group south play the Augsburger Panther, ERC Ingolstadt, Adler Mannheim, Red Bull Munich, Nürnberg Ice Tigers, Straubing Tigers and the Schwenninger Wild Wings.

After the group stage there will be playoff games (best of 3) for the title. The playoff participants are the four top-ranked clubs in each group. The quarter-finals are played within the group, the semi-finals then cross-wise. “We are convinced that this mode is exactly right. All clubs agreed to it very quickly. The mode of regional groups with breakout games offers an exciting competition with a league character, and at the same time we avoid risks for the teams, such as too many long trips with hotel stays. That we can then still play playoffs is also nice. It’s the salt in the soup. And of course it would be nice for everyone if the fans could be there again live in the stadiums, ”said Tripcke.

For the deputy chairman of the supervisory board Daniel Hopp, there are several reasons that all 14 clubs managed to be there at the start of the season in December. “It can be said that a lot has happened again in the last few weeks. More and more clubs have received positive notices from politicians regarding financial support. At the same time, thanks go to the players in the teams, some of whom have suffered extreme financial losses in order to play again. In addition, those responsible for the clubs have worked out individual solutions with all partners and sponsors. It was extremely important to us on the Supervisory Board at all times that the economic situation of the clubs allowed games to run for several months, ”said Hopp. “We are now looking ahead. We all have an extraordinary season ahead of us. But the most important thing is that the PENNY DEL can show itself. For German ice hockey it is important to take the positive momentum of the recent past with great performances by the national team, the clubs and highly talented young players and to want to remain successful. “

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