Finally free! A US judge terminates the custody of Britney Spears

The verdict, greeted by British fans at the courthouse with jubilation and pink confetti, puts an end to the custody that had been entrusted to her father most of the time.

“The best day ever (..) for the glory of the Lord (..) or can I say ‘amen,'” the pop star posted on the social network “Instagram” using the instant tag #FreedBritney (Liberated Britain). “I can not believe it!” she added.

Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, was stripped of his daughter’s guardianship at the end of September, ending several years of unpleasant legal battles. Judge Penie deprived Jamie Spears of the role of guardian and appointed a temporary guardian in his place, basing her decision on the singer’s “best interests”.

The judge appointed John Zeibel, an accountant, as temporary guardian of Spears’ property on 29 September, in accordance with an agreement that could run until the end of the year. Spears’ attorneys requested a 45-day hearing to terminate custody altogether.

Britney Spears’ father had been in control of her career and private life since 2008. The singer announced in July that she would not give concerts while her life was under her father’s control.

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Jamie Spears agreed to step down as guardian of his 39-year-old daughter in August, but no time limit had yet been set for him to do so.

Britney’s custody was established after her nervous breakdown in 2007, when the singer attacked a paparazzi car at a petrol station.

Judge Penie on Friday agreed with the pop star’s demand to end custody without the need for an assessment of his mental condition on the grounds that “this was voluntary custody” and that “all parties agree”.

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