Finally an electric car for ordinary people. Dacia Spring will cost only 300-400 thousand CZK

Renault’s new boss Luca de Meo presented the near future of the Renault Group. It also includes the ever-growing Romanian brand Dacia, which will soon start selling its own electric car.

A smaller family car that has sufficient power and range in urban use and is at an extremely affordable price. Such is the new Dacia Spring – the first electric car of this Romanian brand.

The appearance is based on a concept that has been introduced before, but unlike in many other cases, it is not too impoverished compared to the refined specimen for exhibition stands.

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For example, the front end with narrow headlights and imaginative patterns in place of the usual front mask is really successful. Everything is completed by orange accessories, which will certainly come at an additional cost.

The car with the shapes of a small SUV measures 3734 millimeters in length, 1622 millimeters wide without mirrors and a height of 1516 millimeters. The wheel axles are 2423 millimeters apart and the ground clearance is 150 millimeters. Items with a total volume of up to 300 liters can be loaded into the luggage compartment. If the spare wheel is placed under the floor, it will then be reduced to a still decent 280.

Under the floor there is a battery pack with a capacity of 26.8 kWh, which supplies electricity to the engine with an output of 33 KW (44 hp). According to the values ​​from the WLTP measuring cycle, 225 kilometers are to be driven on one charge, and even 295 kilometers in the city. The range can then be extended by approximately ten percent if the driver activates the Eco mode. In this case, the engine power will be reduced to 23 kW and the maximum speed will drop from the original 125 kilometers per hour to an equal hundred.

The car has a built-in on-board charger with an output of 6.6 kW. For an additional fee, there will also be the possibility of fast charging with an output of 30 kW. In this case, the Dacia Spring charges to 80% battery capacity in less than an hour. From the wallbox (7.4 kW), the car is charged to full capacity in five hours, and even from the most ordinary home socket, full charging does not take more than 14 hours.

Everyone can handle the controls

The interior is in the spirit of Dacia cars. This means that there are no unnecessaries in it. In the offered set of new photos, the carmaker also published a look into the interior of the most ordinary version. It also lacks a radio. On the contrary, the best-equipped variants get a seven-inch display showing the navigation map as well as an image from the rear parking camera.

Everyone can control this electric car. Instead of the gear lever, there is a rotary selector with three D modes (for forward travel). R for reverse and N (neutral). The recuperation rate cannot be chosen. A small difference that Dacie customers are used to, however, are the buttons for launching the side windows on the dashboard. To the left of the steering wheel, the exterior mirrors are then electrically adjusted.

For example, there will always be six airbags, automatic headlights and an emergency braking system in front of an obstacle.

The car is only a four-seater, but the space inside is sufficient. There is also enough space to put away small things. At the front alone, the total volume of compartments and boxes is more than 23 liters.

In addition to the personal version, there will also be a “cargo” with missing rear seats. In this case, it will be possible to transport more than a meter long box with a volume of 800 liters and a total weight of up to 325 kilograms. At the same time, Dacia will also have a special version of this car for car sharing services.

According to the spokesperson of the domestic representation, Jitka Skaličková, no decision has yet been made on the exact price tag or place of production. However, this must happen very soon, because the first cars will arrive in the Czech Republic at the turn of this year and next.

Prices for individual countries vary from case to case under current Dacia policies. In the case of the Czech Republic, according to as yet unconfirmed information, they could range from CZK 300 to 400 thousand.



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