Finalist of the “Star Factory” Alex broke up with the groom and lost business

Alexa talked about changes in her personal life.

Alexa. Photo:

Alexa became famous thanks to the “Star Factory”. She became the finalist of the project. Moreover, she had an affair with Timati. Many people remember how a fragile brunette starred in the rapper’s video for the hit “When You’re Near”. However, it never came to the wedding. Now the artist is building a relationship with model Anastasia Reshetova, who gave him the son of Ratmir. Also, his daughter Alisa is growing up from the former passion of Alena Shishkova.

But for the past four years, Alex has met with a businessman named Arthur. In 2018, the chosen one made her a marriage proposal. Lovers of steel getting ready for the wedding. The singer tried on wedding outfits. It seemed that she had found her happiness, but unexpectedly the other day the girl announced that she had parted with her groom.

“We often suffer from our own love and idealize companions. I’m not an exception. I remember only the good and I am grateful to my now former life partner for a lot. I have matured, and if our goals and desires in life coincided, probably we could try to work together on the mistakes, given the number of years lived together, ”said Alexa.

She also admitted that she lost her business. Together they developed the jewelry business Alexa Jewelry, but now everything went to the singer’s partner. Despite the fact that the girl personally developed the design and selected stones for jewelry, since March 2020, she no longer has any relation to this brand of jewelry. Socialite does not lose heart. Her support is close. Now she is preparing for new achievements, writes PeopleTalk.


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