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Final: This is the decision made regarding Omar Adam’s performances

Omar Adam (Instagram photo) after tens of thousands of Israelis are under stress. After Omer Adam sold out 4 full concerts in Yarkon Park, for which about 100 thousand people bought tickets that were sold for 280 to 500 NIS per ticket, the police announced last night [שבת] To sing that his performances are now not approved once again and this is due to the new instructions of the Home Front Command, after today it seemed that another possibility was opening up and maybe the show will take place, now comes the final answer – no.

The shows will not be held after the Home Front Command extended the ban on gatherings of over 1,000 people throughout the country until 11:00 p.m., the restrictions will be valid at least for the first show, after which it will be decided whether to continue or end the restrictions given last night.

As mentioned, following the Home Front Command’s restriction on gatherings of up to 1,000 people throughout the country, Omer Adam’s appearance in Yarkon Park is not supposed to take place. The production stated that they are: “Acting according to the instructions of the Home Front Command and the police, we will continue to update tomorrow and pray that we will meet at the concerts.”

At the end of last week it already seemed that the show would take place and Adam wrote to his followers on social media: “My dear partners, I want to say thank you for being imbued with faith and masculinity to the max!! For being patient and not worrying. I want to give a huge hug to the Israel Police and the Tel Aviv Yarkon area who helped with everything The strength to solve all the problems due to the situation. To Israel Railways who leads us and helps from the soul despite the renovations and works. And to all my amazing production and consultants who do not sleep day and night so that we can all be happy and excited together.”

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He also promised: “We have prepared a day of surprises, songs and good music for you. Do stretches, strengthen your legs, loosen your legs, rest well on Shabbat and most importantly, come early!! Ototo will meet you there, I’m excited, I love you, thank you.” But now, the new guidelines will prevent the performance from taking place and this is a considerable financial loss for the singer.

As a reminder, according to a first publication on Ynet, Israel Railways informed the police: we managed to use an additional platform at the Tel Aviv University station, we will increase trains and safety personnel. We will be able to absorb a larger amount than we thought from Omar Adam’s performances in Yarkon Park.

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