Final of the Top 14: how to get to the Stade de France this Friday evening?

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While transport strikes are announced this Friday, thousands of supporters who came to attend the Top 14 final between Castres and Montpellier at the Stade de France could find themselves dropped with Parisian transport. We help you see things more clearly.

Tonight, tens of thousands of supporters will make the trip to the Stade de France to watch the Top 14 final between Castres and Montpellier. But at the same time, a strike on lines A, B, C, and D of the RER and H, J, K, L and R of the Transilien was announced. So if you are one of the faithful who follow their favorite club to Paris tonight, we tell you how to get to the Stade de France without too many problems.

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Metro, Tram, Bus

The Stade de France will open its doors at 5 p.m., the National Rugby League advises you to arrive as soon as possible in order to avoid transport problems. In any case, whether you are one of the latecomers or not, you can access the homeless by metro using lines 12 or 13. For the latter, get off at Saint-Denis – Porte de Paris station and you should have a ten-minute walk before arriving at the SDF. However be careful, at the end of the day, these lines are particularly busy.

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You can also opt for the tramway, using line n°1, stop at Saint-Denis Basilique station. Unfortunately, you will have to walk about twenty minutes to reach the Stadium. On the other hand, line 8 will take you to Saint-Denis Porte de Paris station, which is closer. Finally, if you wish to use the buses, be aware that numbers 239, 153, 353 and 255 will take you directly in front of the SDF, Delaunay-Rimet station.

Access by car

A risky but doable choice. If you arrive at busy times on the Parisian ring road, on a Friday evening and during a strike, the risk of a traffic jam is almost certain. If you still choose the car, we advise you to come in advance and from the A1 motorway (Porte de la Chapelle), you can exit at exit 2 (Stade de France). Coming from the A86, use exit n°9 (Saint Denis – La Plaine Stade de France).

With regard to the reception system, paid car parks and requiring a reservation exist all around the Stade de France.

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