Filtered video of a Democratic congressman attacking the Cuban community in Florida – PERIÓDICO CUBANO

Florida 26th District Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (Foto: Debbie Mucarsel-Powell-Facebook)

Democrat and Representative from Florida’s 26th Congressional District Debbie Mucarsel-Powell finds herself in the eye of a media hurricane after she used derogatory terms to refer to Miami’s Cuban-American community during a recent campaign rally.

“Nobody thought that we were going to be able to seize the Republican power established by Cuban Americans in Florida politics in the last 20 years,” said the official of Ecuadorian origin, who seeks to be reelected on November 3.

Mucarsel-Powell not only attacked the Antillean diaspora but also boasted of his victory over Cuban-American and Republican incumbent Carlos Curbelo.

According to reports from America Tevé, in 2018 the congresswoman won her seat after defeating Curbelo with 50.7% of the votes in the electoral area, who obtained 49.2%. The “overwhelming victory” for the Democrat was developed thanks to a minimum difference of 5,000 ballots. Now Debbie will possibly face current Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Giménez.

Reactions to Mucarsel’s words

Although Debbie Mucarsel’s words received the applause of her followers, they were not so well received among the representatives of the Cuban community.

“What I suggest to the congresswoman is that, in times as difficult as these, stop making false displays of the lack of Cuban and Republican leadership. We have representation in the Lower House, in the Senate, in the State Department and in other important institutions in this country. We also have the relief in politics ready for when it is necessary, “said Yali Núñez, director of Hispanic media for the Republican National Committee.”

“What you should do, right now, is help your community that needs it and a large part of that community is Cuban.”

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On the other hand, Giménez assured that this is not the first time that Mucarsel insults the Cuban community with “his words of division.” She also cataloged the official as one of the most partisan congresswomen in US politics and predicted that the residents of District 26 will have a change in their representation this November.

Mucarsel-Powell office statement

For now, Mucarsel-Powell has declined to comment but his office issued a brief statement.

“As the first South American elected to Congress and the only Latina representing Florida, the congresswoman represents the most diverse district in the country, including the Cuban community, which supports her because she knows she is working for them and to open the Family Reunification program. Cuban (CFRP) closed by the Republican president, Donald Trump, “said a spokesman for the official born in Guayaquil but who emigrated to the United States during her adolescence.

The early elections began last week and the results will be known on August 18. At that time it will be known if Giménez will face the Democratic congresswoman in the November elections.

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