Films about world fashion legends will be shown at Riga Fashion Week

Saturday, May 28, at The autobiographical musical by Jean-Paul Gotty will open the 17.00 film screening series “Jean Paul Gaultier: Freak & Chic”. The genius Gotti was the first to introduce kitsch to the world fashion scene, inviting non-standard models, as well as realizing the attractiveness of a fashion designer in mass culture. It was he who sought inspiration from the seemingly worthless, turning it into high fashion.

“Freak and Chic” is a colorful mix of dance and fashion show accompanied by a variety of music – from disco to punk, with actors, dancers and circus performers; it is a kind of confession of Jean-Paul Gotty. The haute couture artist has created dozens of costumes especially for this film. The word “freak” is not included in the name by accident – a fashion artist fondly calls people who are aware of and accept that they are different from others. “All my freaks have been with me since my first steps in fashion: I have given the opportunity to climb on the tongue both tall and short, thin and fat, young and old,” says Gottie.

Sunday, May 29, at The first futurist of the fashion world will be shown on the big screen at 18.00 Pierre Carden’s House of Cardin. This is what fashion designers call an “unbeatable innovator”. For 70 years, he has violated generally accepted norms and erred in his spirit of time. Cardinal will always and forever be remembered as an artist who focuses on futuristic space-inspired design.

Cardinal Fashion House is a documentary about the life and career of a legendary French haute couture artist. The film’s directors emphasize that the film is not about fashion in terms of dress cuts and trends, but about Cardan’s ideas, the main one being fashion that is accessible to everyone, just like any other great design. And it must be accessible to everyone, not just the Parisian fashion studio. The film uses exclusive archival materials as well as interviews given at the end of the designer’s own career.

The film screening cycle will end on Monday, May 30 at 18.00 with a movie “Martin Margiela: In His Own Words”. In the world of Marvel’s visual art, it is a symbol of immeasurable courage. Year after year, he not only did not play according to the usual events, but created his own rules of the fashion world – with limited resources, but with an army of reliable supporters. This Belgian designer has become a virtuoso of minimalism and one of the most discussed artists in society.

“Martin Margel: Himself” is a documentary about today’s most mysterious designer. In the film, Margel tells her own story and lets her archive for the first time. For example, in the film, the story of the famous white seams is told in the first person. The film’s director and screenwriter Rainer Holzemer shows in detail how this designer has destroyed the foundations of the world of high fashion before him, exaggerating silhouettes, distorting traditional proportions, mixing genres and textures, bringing unusual models on the tongue, who are not professionals at all.

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