Filming of The Last of Us can begin

About that is preparing a series based on the post-apocalyptic story The Last of Us, you probably already know from previous reports.

However, repetition is the mother of wisdom, so I will remind you that two important personalities are working on the series. The first is the creator of a very successful one, and I dare say the extremely successful series Chernobyl – Craig Mazin (although it’s definitely worth remembering that he also participated in the scripts for Scary Movie 3 and 4 or the second and third episodes of The Hangover).

The second key character, however, will be the creator of this game series, Neil Druckmann, which should make sure that the series fits well into the world itself and will expand and fill it.

Mazin should take care of the script, while Druckmann will help shape it and also take on the position of creative director. The producers were subsequently Carolyn Strauss and the president of Naughty Dogu – Evan Wells.

This series is created for commercial television HBO, from whose screens you can know, for example, the aforementioned Chernobyl, or even the serial Game of Thrones.

According to the diary Variety then this series has now been officially “green”, so shooting can start without any problems.

Craig and Neil are visionaries in their own league. With them and Carolyn Strauss at the helm, this series will definitely resonate with hardcore fans of games from the series The Last of US, as well as newcomers to this genre-defining saga. We’re excited to work with Naughty Dog, Word Game, Sony and PlayStation to adapt this epic and compelling story.“- said HBO Vice President Francesca Orsi.

However, if you want to shorten the wait, you can visit the store Xzone, where you can buy the second part of this series, which contains Czech subtitles and is also playable on the new PlayStation 5, while playing on it you will even receive support for the haptic response of the new DualSense driver.

You will find our review here.

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