Filming of director Linda Olte ‘s debut feature film “Sisters” has begun The news

Riga, April 6, LETA. The shooting of director Linda Olte’s debut feature film “Sisters” has started during the Easter holidays, the representative of film producers Šania Volbeta informed LETA.

She said that at the end of March, the Latvian-Italian co-production feature film had the support of the major European fund “Eurimages” for international co-productions.

Volbeta noted that Olte’s debut film is intended as a social family drama about the orphaned sisters Anastasia and Diana, who have the opportunity to be adopted into an American family. The main character of the film is the rebellious Anastasia, who is convinced that she does not need any adopters. When the girl finds out the location of her biological mother Alla, Anastasia decides to do everything to restore contact and gain her mother’s love. Anastasia’s little sister Diana, on the other hand, can’t wait to live with her new American family. The sisters do not separate in the adoption process, and Anastasia will have to make a decision – to stay in Latvia with her real mother or to start a new life in America.

The shooting of the film “Sisters” will take place in Riga and its surroundings, especially in Sarkandaugava, but it is planned to film for three days in the beginning of June in South Tyrol, Italy. Actresses Iveta Pole, Elita Kļaviņa and Indra Briķe, as well as foreign actors Niels Makgerijs, Viktorija Meiersa-Gray and Bella Aleksandrasa will play in the film’s casting team alongside sisters Emma Skirmante, Gerda Aljēna and Katrīna Krēsliņa.

One week before the start of filming, the feature film “Sisters” has also received support from the international co-production fund “Eurimages”, where the film has received funding of 79,000 euros. At its March session, Eurimages supported a total of 24 feature films with a total allocation of € 5.8 million, and in addition to world-renowned European film directors Jean-Lyc and Pierre Darden, Michel Hazanovich and others, Olte’s film, which is notable for its debut project, was also supported. achievement.

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The film team consists of creative and technical professionals from both Latvia and Italy. The author of the screenplay is Olte, the main cameraman Aleksandrs Grebņevs, the artist Laura Dišlere, the costume designer Sīglinde Mihailera, the make-up artist Beata Rjabovska, the producers Matīss Kaža, Una Celma and Dace Siatkovska.

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