Film review “Countdown”: scary movie about a death app

The horror goes on in the film “Countdown” from an app. It is able to predict the death date of the respective user to the second. Can you still make plans?

So-called computer apps are already available for almost all areas of life: fitness and finance apps. Taxi and traffic apps. News and entertainment apps. Weather and workout apps. Sports and school apps. Meditation and mindfulness apps. Slimming and diet pills.


However, this new American horror film is about nothing less than an app that can predict the exact date of death for each user.

That’s what it’s about

The 90-minute “countdown” is said to have brought in more than $ 42 million at the box office worldwide with a budget of $ 6.5 million – the launch in the United States took place in October.

The film, like so many scary strips, tells of a group of very young adults. They successively download the death date app called “Countdown” to their mobile devices. Gradually, there are more and more mysterious deaths. Among the scared is a young nurse named Quinn, who initially can’t really imagine that there could be anything true about this app. So Quinn also loads the app onto her cell phone, although without really studying the terms of use. In contrast to her friends, who are predicted to have a fairly long life by the app, Quinn says that she no longer has to live longer than just three days. The countdown is on, relentlessly.


Idiotic story

In addition, Quinn is haunted by a figure as dark as it is mysterious. Finally, the desperate Quinn meets Matt, a guy who, according to the countdown app, is no longer too long on earth.

Critics in English attested that Justin Dec’s first feature film was, among other things, a completely idiotic story – and that it was quickly forgotten. (Dpa / KT)


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