“Film Rattapoom” sits as the brand ambassador of Niitareen Premium Collagen (Nitarin Collagen).

March 2, 2021


World-class award innovation, Cell Synapse, under license. The exclusive patent of Thailand Science Park is used in the collagen industry.

Big Surprise for New Normal “Film-Rathaphumoto Kongsap” is a Niitareen Premium Collagen ambassador (Nitareen Collagen) opens a global award for skin brightening innovation. Cell Synapse (Cell Synapse), referred to as the best of collagen, because it is more than 4 strains of collagen.

“Film Rattapoom” opens the mind that Niitareen Premium Collagen (Nitarin Collagen) Products, the latest collagen. At Yom Sayyes received the title of Brand Ambassador for the first time bringing innovative award-winning global Cell Synapse (Cell Synapse) under license. The exclusive patent of Thailand Science Park is used in the collagen industry.

The origin of this product began with the lifestyle of the film man himself. That sees the skin problems that themselves have to meet in daily life. Plus more age Resulting in wrinkles and bone problems that follow Thus making the film young Came up with the idea of ​​launching a product To solve the problem at this point And want to forward good things back to everyone who loves the film

First time of adoption World-class award innovation, Cell Synapse, under license. Thailand Science Park’s exclusive patent is used in the collagen industry to make the results Unlike ordinary extracts, this innovative Cell Synapse Collagen acts like a transport vehicle to bring the extract to the most beneficial parts of the cell. And increase the absorption of natural extracts and stimulate communication at the cellular level Make the most obvious results and use as short as possible.

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Innovative Cell Synapse (Cell Synapse) is a technology that extends from the Technology Food Matrix that was invented by Scientist Nobel Prizel laureate demonstrates the connection of nerve impulses. By the neurotransmitters that are important in the work of various systems in the body and brain.

Niitareen Premium Collagen (NITARINE COLLAGEN) is unique in that it uses all four collagen strains (DIPEPTIDE / TRIPEPTIDE / PEPTIDE CELLSYNAPSE / PEPTIDE DEEPSEA FISH) when working together, it helps to work well. than And faster than other collagen And also contains concentrated extracts from nature such as Deep sea fish scales Premium from Japan Helps keep the skin firm. Strengthen bones and joints Purple chrysanthemum That has properties in restraining substances accelerating the Glycation (Kai Kation), the cause of the signs of aging Effectively reduce blood oranges, reduce dullness from sunlight. Helps to brighten the skin. Green cherries High in vitamin C Contains antioxidants It enhances the immune system to help prevent respiratory disease as well. It can be said that it is complete in one body that is important to eat. It has a taste and smell like fruit juice. Just 3 steps to eat, tear and drink immediately.

Which now the product is in stock and ready to sell You can contact to order at Distribution channels of Niitareen Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Niitareen • LINE ID: @niitareen • IG: niitareen.official • Web Site: http://www.niitareen.com/ • Shopee: https: //seller.shopee.co.th/• or call Tel: 087-429-9615




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