Filipino woman raped by US Caucasians in Canggu Bali, help from victim’s friends


A Filipino woman has become a victim rape in Canggu, North Kuta, Badung, Bali. The victim was raped by a foreigner from United States (USA) in a villa, Batu Mejan area, unfortunately the victim’s friend actually helped.

Reported by detik BaliBadung Police Chief AKBP Leo Dedy Defretes explained on Tuesday (6/12/2022) that the rape occurred when the victim, her friend and the man from the US were returning from a walk . They returned to the villa where the attacker lived in Canggu.

“They’re actually friends. At that time the victim had just gone out for a walk, maybe to dinner and so on,” Leo said on Monday (12/5).

Arriving at the villa, the victim went to the bathroom. This is when the culprit rape victim. Unfortunately, the victim’s friend even helped the US foreigner carry out her depraved act.

Police said the victim’s friend even helped the perpetrator by holding the victim’s hand tightly so he couldn’t move. Accident rape It happened on November 21, 2022 at 0200 WITA.

The victim later reported the incident to the police the day after the incident. Currently, the two perpetrators are under investigation by the police.

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