FilGoal | News | The Athletic explains: How Liverpool thinks about signing Thiago Alcantara

Liverpool has shown interest in signing Bayern Munich midfielder Thiago Alcantara for more than a month and a half, but he has not yet made an official offer, according to statements by Karl Heinze Rummenigge, Bayern Munich CEO. Something that The Athletic Network explained.

And the “The Athletic” published a report in which he clarified that there are many factors that push Liverpool to play the “waiting game” which it has mastered and repeated more than once in most of its deals, as happened with Van Dyck and Alison Baker, for example.

The news of Thiago’s association with Liverpool began in early June, with Jorginho Wijnaldum entering the last year of his current contract with a team, a player with talent in need of substitution, perhaps better if the club decided to sell him to avoid losing his free departure in the summer of 2021.

In the way Liverpool financially works, the club is definitely trying to avoid what happened with Emery Chan, a player who could have brought the club 10 million pounds but left for free at the age of 24, Vinaldome cost the club in 2016 the amount of 25 million pounds.

The report showed that Vinaldom’s influence is not on the field only, perhaps Jurgen Klopp chose him to participate in most matches of the past season in all competitions more than any other midfielder in the team, but his influence extends outside the stadium, when Klopp decided to put a leadership session inside the team in 2018 among the players, Vinaldom was voted fourth captain.

The report indicated that Wijnaldum is a player who speaks very well alongside Van Dyck and Andy Robertson, a player who can be relied upon in bad and good results.

However, it seems that Vinaldo may not last long with Liverpool, Humphrey Nyman, the player’s agent, is demanding a large salary in order to continue with the team.

The report wondered, at the age of 29 years Wijnaldum captain for this team, but will he continue to do so within 3 years? Liverpool’s current economic model requires intelligence and mastery in the transfer market, so Klopp himself is aware of the consequences of the aging of many of his players.

Team captain Jordan Henderson will turn 30 next June, Mohamed Salah will be on the 29th in June, Sadio Mane will be on the 29th in April, Roberto Firmino will be on the 29th in October, and next July Van Dyck will turn 30, and Thiago will be 30 before Van Dyck.

Growing old players in this way means, of course, a change in the statistics, which is something Klopp cares a lot about. Vinaldom has played 37 of the 38 games that Liverpool have fought in the league during the past season, and has not participated in less than 33 games in the past seasons. He played 141 league matches, an average of 35 matches per season.

Thiago’s appearances with Bayern were relatively less due to injuries, as well as Bayern Munich’s ability to dominate locally in most seasons, which means that the player was getting enough rest, the Spanish star playing 94 league matches with an average of 23.5 for the season. Since the summer of 2016, Thiago has 30 times less than Vinaldum in all competitions.

What will Thiago give that Vinaldum does not do for Liverpool? The report answers: The challenge, which the team definitely needs. The team is accustomed to achieving big numbers, as it has not lost in the league at home for 3 and a half years, every match is a heavy burden, especially with clubs that play defensively.

Arsenal, for example, won against Liverpool in July in a defensive way, something like a future warning for the Reds, something that happened with Everton too before the gunners.

Liverpool had won the title at the time and the result did not mean anything to him, but the situation was not the same at Goodison Park against Everton.

Thiago understands the style of play by pressing the opponent and his complete passes in the last third of the field bypassing any midfielder in Liverpool, the report stressed that he is a player who is good at creating the space that allows others to make and score goals.

Martin Edwards, the executive director of Liverpool, has contributed to changing the reputation and method of negotiating the club in recent years in the transfer market, in the last 3-4 years the club has outperformed its peers in more than one deal.

Van Dyck knew Juergen Klopp needed him in his team, but he had to wait 6 months to put on the red shirt after rejecting Liverpool’s first offer.

It also happened with Alison, the goalkeeper was convinced to join Liverpool in April but joined in July. Almost 8 weeks after the Champions League final against Real Madrid and losing.

The report indicated that there are those who say that Thiago may join Pep Guardiola in Manchester City, but stressed that the player is more attracted to the idea of ​​representing Liverpool.

A source close to the player said: “It is the best team in the planet beside Bayern.”

In order for Liverpool to move on to sign Thiago, the club will need to secure many returns for the money it will pay for the 29-year-old.

Liverpool had expected to reap 60 million pounds after the sale of Zeridan Shaqiri, Harry Wilson and Marco Groich, but that was before the outbreak of the epidemic.

Although the club made big deals such as Van Dyck and Alison, it is part of the proceeds from the sale of players such as Felipe Coutinho, Dominic Solanki and others, and also appeared in the Champions League final and crowned titles.

Bayern Munich manager Karl-Heinze Rummenigge said earlier: “The Thiago family is here and it seems he is saying goodbye to us. We read a lot about Liverpool’s interest in joining him, but no one contacted us.”


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