FilGoal | News | Tent in the Joule – Dia Al-Sayed: Mohamed Ibrahim in addition to Al-Ahly … and with the return of the league

Dia El-Sayed, the former coach of the Egyptian youth team, believes that Mohamed Ibrahim will represent an addition to Al-Ahly Club.

Diaa El-Sayed said via “Tent in the Joule” on Instagram today: “Mohamed Ibrahim, in addition to describing him as soon as he joined Al-Ahly, trained him for 3 and a half years starting from the junior and youth stage.”

“I know his capabilities and he still has something to offer, he went through pitfalls in his career and he knows how to return to provide the same level and has deficiencies and I hope that if he moves to Al-Ahly he will perform better.”

He continued, “Mohamed Ibrahim presented in his early stages a good level and was a star in Zamalek until he suffered an ankle fracture with Gross until Zamalek decided to sell him to Egypt for clearing, and I do not see that his future there is a player of big clubs like Al-Ahly and Zamalek.”

In response to which one prefers the return of the league or its cancellation He said: “With the return of the league definitely, it is necessary to strive to find solutions for the return of the league.”

“I demand playing with the full precautionary measures as Germany and Italy did, and we are putting in place solutions to help the league return, and not to make it easier and cancel the season.”

And he added,Is Al-Ahly crowned the league title if canceled? There are no regulations for the league, so the answer is difficult. Is there a list for Al-Ahly crowning if the season is canceled, but who descends and who qualifies?

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He concluded, “There must be regulations for local competitions in all circumstances so that we do not always fall into the same predicament.”

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