FilGoal | News | Mourtada: There is a plan to bring down Zamalek … and it is possible that Ferrara will return

Mortada Mansour, Chairman of Zamalek Board of Directors, launched a scathing attack on the former coach of the team, Patrice Carteron, after the termination of his contract with the club and his departure to Saudi Arabia to train cooperation.

Mortada Mansour told “Echo Al Balad” channel today, Wednesday, “Zamalek’s relationship with Saudi clubs is distinguished, but what happened in the crisis of Carteron’s departure is called Qasna.”

And he continued, “I do not allow transgression of the rights of Saudi Arabia and its people.”

He added, “I expected some Saudi officials to go out and inform the head of cooperation, Muhammad al-Qasim, that what is happening is not good for millions of colleagues.”

He added, “When the chief of cooperation asked me to contract with Mustafa Fatehi, I agreed to his financial demands and did not argue with him. On the other hand, he refused Carteron’s request to continue his career with us until the end of the African Champions League.”

And he added, “Although the Saudi League starts in mid-October, what happened was intended against Zamalek.”

“If the chief of cooperation had requested a contract with Carteron amicably, I would have reached with him an amicable solution, and I would not have received the penalty clause,” Mortada stressed.

“Carteron escaped from Zamalek, this is what I can say. All his requests were answered, even with the results shaking in the league, we did not talk to him and criticize him at all.”

“He did not come to the club with a bag with a penalty clause, and I cannot prevent him from traveling,” he added.

And he continued, wondering, “How does Saudi Arabia agree to Carteron’s work in it when he is a liar? He claimed that he had psychological problems and wanted to leave because of it.”

He stressed, “There is a Qatari plan to drop Zamalek after they penetrated the Football Association and revealed the value of contracts for all Zamalek players.”

“Carteron is a traitor and a liar,” he added.

And about the possibility of Geswaldo Ferreira returning to train the team again, he replied, “Ward, there is a crisis committee in session around the clock to solve the problem.”

“Within 48 hours, we will announce the new coach,” Mortada concluded.

The cooperation announced the contract with Carteron, a two-season contract, after the termination of his contract with Zamalek.


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