FilGoal | News | Bilic: We got good news from Hegazy’s injury report

Croatian Slavin Bilic, coach of West Bromwich Albion Junior, revealed the position of Ahmed Hegazy, the Egyptian national team player, to participate with his team after the injury that hit him recently.

“Hejazi’s injury is not bad,” Bilic said.

“We got a report of Hijazi’s injury and things are not bad,” he added in his statements during the press conference before the Everton meeting.

“Hegazy will start next week, and that is good news,” he said.

West Bromwich Albion prepares to face Everton on Saturday at the opening of the second round of the English Premier League, a match that will not see Hegazy participate due to injury.

Hijazi will be available to participate with West Brom in next Tuesday’s meeting against Burntford in the League Cup, according to Bilich’s statements.

Hijazi missed the West Brom season opener against Leicester City in a match that saw the latter win 3-0.


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