FilGoal | News | Ayman Hefni: I missed one time and Al-Nahas decided to end my loan

Ayman Hefni, the Egyptian player for clearing loaned to the contractors, said he was absent from one training, to find Imad El-Nahhas, the coach of mountain wolves, had decided to cut his loan.

Hifni spoke on the program “Wadd Al-Labb” on Al-Nahar channel: “I want to clarify what happened, which happened two months ago.”

“I could not come to the club to undergo the first survey, and I asked permission to attend the second one, and I had no problems bearing its expenses and the club agreed.”

“The result of the smear appeared, it was negative and I trained normally, and I missed one time, to find the team’s manager calling me and telling me that Imad Al-Nahhas decided to cut my loan.”

He stressed, “This is the first time I missed any time. I asked to meet Emad Al-Nahhas or Mohamed Adel, the general supervisor of the ball, but the administrator told me if there is anything new he will contact me.”

He revealed, “I mediated a friend to communicate with Al-Nahhas, but he told him that his decision is final.”

“I was transferred to legal affairs, and I explained my position. In fact, I got all my dues from the club.”

“If I were going to the club and my contract was his, I don’t think they would have done that.”

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Hefni participated with the contractors in 3 games, including one in the Egypt Cup, and he succeeded in manufacturing once.

Ayman Hefni has not participated in any meeting with the clearing since joining the latter due to an administrative error that caused his non-registration.

Before returning to clearing, Hefni, 34, appeared in 134 matches with Zamalek and scored 15 goals and 13 in industry.

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