FilGoal | News | Amir Tawfiq: Ramadan Subhi Al-Ahly did not appreciate .. I did not mean that my response to him would be popular

Ramadan Sobhi – Pyramids – Racing Club (via Pyramids accounts)

Amir Tawfiq, director of contracts at Al-Ahly, said that Ramadan Sobhi, the former player of the team and current Pyramids, did not appreciate the first.

Amir Tawfiq spoke on Al-Ahly TV channel today, Tuesday, saying: “Perhaps we are talking about Sherif Ekrami, Hussam Ashour, and Ahmed Fathi who gave a history to Al-Ahly.”

He continued, “Even if there are problems with them, I do not mean a personal problem with Amir Tawfiq, but a problem with the way to leave or the grief of the crowd from them, but I must admit in the end that they presented things to the club and won the championships.”

And he continued, “Ramadan does not make any difference to me talking about it. He went to another place, and he did not appreciate what we offered him.”

The marketing manager at Al-Ahly continued his speech, “An hour-long sentence and responding to me that I told him has become popular. It is something I am not pleased with, to offer everything to a specific person to appreciate the value of the place in which he is, and in the end this matter becomes a reaction, so it makes no difference to me talking about it.”



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