FilGoal | News | A strong dialogue between Al-Janaini and Majid Sami because of the return of al-Douri and the opening of registration .. and a proposal to solve the problem


Amr Al-Janaini, head of the Football Association, entered into a strong dialogue with Majed Sami Malik, Wadi Degla, due to the return of the league and a dispute over whether or not to open the registration door for the third time during the current season.

The dialogue in which Smouha’s chief, Faraj Amer, participated on the “An-Nahar” channel, as follows:

Faraj Amer: It is in the public interest to complete the league and it is not logical to close the page and start new season matches.

Majed Sami: I am not against the return of the league or not, but my objection was who was the one who decided to return the competition, is it the Ministry of Sports or the Football Association or clubs?

In the meeting of the Football Association with the clubs, the meeting was divided into two parts, the first part was great, and the second was not, as there were 12 clubs who refused to return the league, however the Football Association decided to return it.

This contradicts what Al-Janaini says that he wants to establish an association for clubs that decides the fate of the championships because in the first real problem he did not take the opinion of the clubs and he restored the league he or the state, and this reflects the desire of the clubs.

Clubs are affected by completing the league. Our remaining money with the sponsoring company is much more than what we will spend. In Wadi Degla, we have 4 million pounds.

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Amr Al-Janaini: The state decided to return to the sports activity, and accordingly we responded. The state decided to resume the activity 25-7 Have we started? On the contrary, we met with the clubs, got to know everyone’s opinions, and postponed the return of the league to August.

Majed Sami’s decision to return to the league is purely governmental.

In the meeting of the Football Association with the clubs there was no vote for the idea of ​​returning the league or not, but we were discussing the difficulties and how to avoid them and communicate the wishes of the clubs to the state to solve all problems

Registration entry opened

Amr Al-JanainiWe will open the registration period for the new season four weeks before the end of the season.

In October, we will set the season end date after specifying all season links.

For the time being, I can say that the league will end mid or 20 October.

Majed SamiBecause of these dates, we will not be able to include foreign players and not play any games until October, and because of that decision, the quality of the players assigned from outside Egypt will become less.

The registration window must be opened this season and the Football Association requests FIFA to obtain an exception.

Amr Al-JanainiMajed: Let’s discuss that proposal together. If it makes sense, why not address Fifa? The most important thing I have is helping clubs.

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