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[The Epoch Times, 07 gennaio 2023](Epoch Times reporter Li Yan full report) “This is an attack aircraft, Dad.” David Tellez (David Tellez) young children said, they took The Aeromexico airliner was about to take off when, suddenly, a military plane landed on the runway next to them.

Then shots rang out.

“As we accelerated for takeoff, we heard gunshots very close to the plane and we all fell to the ground,” Tellez told Reuters. Earlier in the day, violence erupted in the northern Mexico city of Culiacan.

A video circulated on social media showed passengers huddled up or lying on their stomachs in the aisle to avoid being shot at. In the chaos, a child cried.

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On Thursday (January 5), Mexican authorities sent security forces to capture El Chapo, nicknamed El Chapo, ahead of US President Joe Biden’s visit next week.Drug lordOvid, son of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman.

Ovid is accused of leading a faction of his father’s Sinaloa Cartel. The Sinaloa Cartel is one of the most powerful drug trafficking organizations in the world. The arrest sparked retaliation from drug cartels. They set up checkpoints, set fire to vehicles and attacked a local airport.

Tellez, 42, traveled with his wife and three children, ages seven, four and one, on Thursday.

The BBC reported that two planes were hit by shells. One of the aircraft is the AM165 taken from the Traize family of fourflight. The Aeromexico flight was preparing to take off when the accident occurred.

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Aeromexico said Tlizzard’sflightNobody was injured. Culiacan Airport closed shortly thereafter. Security forces patrolled the streets, trying to contain the violent backlash.

more details

Tellez told Reuters he had planned to catch the 8:24 am flight. He arrived at the airport despite roadblocks set up by drug gangs after the shooting. At the time, Ovid’s arrest had not been confirmed. The atmosphere at the airport was tense, with security personnel urging travelers to check-in quickly.

Later, they heard the gang members were at the airport. So, Telez and his family hid in the airport bathroom. However, it was later confirmed that this was a rumor and Aeromexico passengers were soon on board.

However, just as their flight AM165 was about to take off for Mexico City, several military planes landed one after another on the airport’s runway. Then shots rang out in the distance.

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A flight attendant said flight AM165’s engine was struck, resulting in a leak. The crew ordered the passengers to disembark and transfer them to a windowless waiting room at the airport.

The Trez family is scheduled to board another flight on Friday. Until then, they will stay where they are.

“We’d rather stay at the airport until it’s safe to leave.” He said the situation in the city was even worse. There was constant shooting and it was chaotic.

More than 100 flights at three Sinaloa airports were canceled that day.

The state governor earlier said 18 people were taken to the hospital.

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GreatDrug lordfather and son arrested

Mayor Ruben Rocha Moya confirmed earlier on Twitter that the federal armed forces have been operating in Culiacán since dawn on Thursday. He urged residents to stay home.

Gunfights between security forces and gang members continued into Thursday afternoon, reports said.

The local government agency that oversees education said schools across the state of Sinaloa were closed on Friday.

According to a 2018 federal indictment in Washington, DC, Ovid is accused of conspiring to distribute cocaine, methamphetamine (meth), and marijuana in the United States.

He and his brother currently oversee about 11 meth labs in the state of Sinaloa, producing about 1,300 to 2,200 kilograms (3,000 to 5,000 pounds) of the drug each month, the State Department said.

They also say intelligence shows Ovid ordered the murders of informants, a drug dealer, and a Mexican pop singer who refused to sing at his wedding.

The United States had offered a $5 million reward for information leading to Ovid’s arrest or conviction.

It is unclear whether Ovid will be extradited to the United States like his father. “Short” Guzman was found guilty of drug trafficking and money laundering in 2019 and is currently serving a life sentence in Supermax, Colorado. This is the most secure federal prison in America.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said any extraditions would have to follow a formal process and would not be immediate.

Next week there will be a summit of US leaders in Mexico City. At that time, US President Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau will both visit Mexico, and drug trafficking is expected to be commonplace.

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Biden will arrive in Mexico on Sunday, a day ahead of schedule, according to a tweet from Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard. But the foreign minister did not give a reason for his early arrival.

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