Fighting Miller is like Dog Fight

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Petronas racer Franco Morbidelli call duel against Jack Miller from Pramac on the last lap MotoGP Valencia 2020 like a dog fight.

A fierce race took place ahead of the MotoGP Valencia finish line at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit, Sunday (15/11). Both Morbidelli and Miller also crossed each other in the last lap. Morbidelli also called the competition a dog fight.

“The last lap is a dog fight. But I want to try everything to win,” said Morbidelli was quoted from Sky Sport Italy.

“I think I never pressed too hard. I also don’t know how many times overtook each other. Jack is also very impressive,” said Morbidelli added.

The incident started when the two riders entered the last lap. Miller had time to overtake Morbidelli on the straight track. But before the first corner, Morbidelli was back in pole position.

[Gambas:Video CNN]

Morbidelli and Miller also crossed each other at a number of corners in that final lap. Until finally the two drivers were reunited on the straight track ahead of the finish line.

However, Morbidelli was luckier because he was faster than Miller. Morbidelli won the Valencia MotoGP with a record travel time of 41 minutes 22.478 seconds, Miller won the second podium after trailing +0.093 seconds.

However, the Italian racer regretted that Yamaha lost the title, despite being seeded at the start of the season.

“It’s a shame we lost the title, but we did an impressive job,” said Morbidelli.

The Portuguese MotoGP race took place on Sunday (22/11). The Portuguese MotoGP races can be watched via live broadcast on Trans 7 and live streaming di


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