Fighting began on the border of Iran and Afghanistan

An armed conflict with the use of heavy weapons broke out on the border of the two states.

In the Kong region of the Afghan province of Nimroz, clashes broke out between Taliban members and Iranian border guards. Taliban seized several Iranian checkpoints, reports Aamaj News.

As the newspaper notes, fierce battles with the use of light and heavy weapons are being waged on the site.

The Taliban also hijacked captured US Army SUVs HMMWV (Humvees).

Both sides called for reinforcements. The Taliban asked local residents to leave the area.

There are no data on the dead and wounded. Several Iranian border guards were captured.

The cause of the conflict is not yet clear.

We add, in Afghanistan killed a women’s rights defender… The woman was identified by her clothes, as her body was too mutilated, and there were gunshot wounds on her face.

Recall that human rights activists have accused the Taliban in the killings of hundreds of former military – the Taliban are committing revenge killings.

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