Fighting after being arrested, the boy killer who prevents mother from being raped is shot

Banda Aceh

Doer murder boy R (9) who prevented his mother from being raped shot police for fighting after being arrested at Banda Aceh. Perpetrator S (46) was hammered on the leg.

“The perpetrator fought back when he was brought to the Police. Finally we were paralyzed by shooting at the foot three times,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Langsa Police, Iptu, Arief Sukmo Wibowo, to detikcom, Monday (12/10/2020).

Arief explained that when he was arrested on a plantation not far from the scene, S also fought back. He was holding a samurai.

The police were forced to fire warning shots so that the perpetrators surrendered. S was finally arrested by the police and the people of Bireuem Bayeun District, East Aceh at around 09.00 WIB, last Sunday (11/10).

After being arrested, S was taken to the Langsa Police to undergo an examination. It was on this journey that S fought back again.

“Currently the perpetrator along with evidence have been secured to the Langsa Police for an investigation,” Arief explained.

Previously, S allegedly raped DA (28) on Friday (9/10) night. Victim R caught his action and he tried to prevent it.

Perpetrator S then hacked R and raped DA. After the action, S took R running. After a search was carried out after the perpetrator was arrested, R’s body was found in the river. There were ten stab wounds on the boy’s body.

(agse / maa)


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