“Fight For You”, the HER song that almost fell from the 2021 Golden Globes

Cinema and Music these are two worlds that go together constantly, In many ways. Every once in a while a great movie gives us the chance to experience some great songs or if not, a good soundtrack is part of a movie’s identity.

Either way, this link is so important in the entertainment world that the most iconic awards like the Golden globes, open a space to reward themes that adorn our favorite movies. There was no shortage of great tracks in 2021, but there is one that, by chance of fate, almost got ruled out of the awards.

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This time we are talking about “Fight for you”, song performed by TO for the feature film Judas and the Black Messiah from the director Roi Shaka. We’re now going to break down the story behind this great song that will compete for the best song for a movie.

ELLE and the inspiration to compose “Fight For You”

Gabriella Wilson -real name of TO– She may look like a young songwriter to the entertainment industry, but she is bold. She’s about to turn 24, but has already stood in front of the big stages of the show.

He did it even in that month of February when he performed “America the beautiful” to open the actions in the Super Bowl LV And he will do it again a few weeks later, when his name gets mixed up among the Golden Globe nominees. Your cover letter for the gala is “Fight for you”, the main theme of Judas and the Black Messiah.

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The young songwriter is pretty straightforward when it comes to explaining the inspiration behind the song. “His revolution inspired my revolution”ELLE wrote in a tweet referring to Fred Hampton, the activist the film is about Roi Shaka. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter (THR), the singer goes into great detail about the premise she released on social media.

“[Es] for my generation. We have a responsibility to continue to do its job. People will see the film and I hope it will make them want to start their own type of movement and start their own type of revolution, ”he said in this conference. Of course, she knows that riding a move like that of Black panthers party it is not an overnight problem. But the inspiration comes from there, without a doubt.

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There was almost no nomination for the 2021 Golden Globes

In this conversation with THR, TO She was also adamant when she mentioned that while this song was going to mark a movie based on events from the past, she couldn’t ignore the impact it potentially had on the present. “There were so many things Fred was fighting for and for the ones we all keep fighting“, He said.

“That was the idea for the song, but I really wanted to represent all the stories in the movie… I felt the song had to make you look back, but also remind you what is happening now“, He detailed to the renowned medium of the show. Today, the meaning of the song, which delivers frightening lines like “Freedom for my brothers … Freedom for others”, also resonates in the context of the Black lives matter.

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