Fight between groups of young people on the first night of the fair in Rheden | Rheden

UpdateRHEDEN – Two groups of young people clashed on Friday evening at the fair in Rheden. Bystanders called the police. When he arrived, the clashes had already ended.

According to eyewitnesses, a grim atmosphere arose around 9 p.m. on the first day of the fair on the Burgemeester van Leeuwenplein in Rheden. Two groups of young people stood nose to nose next to the bumper cars. Bystanders who saw it go wrong alerted the police via 112.

Officers came to the fair with various vehicles and spoke to the young people. The young people also had to show their ID card. “Everything was quiet then,” said a police spokesman.

According to her, a dozen young people, about 16 years old, were involved in the incident. “There was a conflict between them and there was some pulling and pushing back and forth.”

The police have not been able to find any criminal offences. “So we listened to the story, recorded some data and moved on.”


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