Fight against the pandemic – New York already vaccinates young people against Covid-19

Since Tuesday, everyone over 16 has access to the first dose. President Joe Biden is stepping up the pace of the immunization program again.

Young Americans can get the vaccine in several states, including New York, Texas, Georgia, and Florida.


Naiya, 16, is happy. “I will be able to get vaccinated against Covid next week after my university entrance exams,” she slips. “I’m happy, because that means we are moving forward.” New York on Tuesday opened its vaccination program against the coronavirus to all young people aged 16 and over. On this occasion, Andrew Cuomo, the governor of the state, lectured people resistant to the vaccine. “We have gone through the Covid winter,” he said on Monday. “It was the winter of hell. But Easter and spring embody renewal. The first step towards renewal is to defeat the Covid. […] You must be vaccinated! ”

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