Fight against Covid-19 – Federal status quo in the face of virus makes people cringe

In view of the epidemiological situation in Switzerland, the government does not want to tighten up or relax health measures, as the UDC demanded.

The Confederation’s Covid-19 scientific task force on Tuesday outlined worrying scenarios of the spread of the coronavirus. The Federal Council considers, however, that it would be premature to impose new restrictive measures.


For the Federal Council, there is no need to strengthen measures against the coronavirus. The decisions taken December 18 – closure of cafĂ©-restaurants, cultural and sports establishments as well as leisure places, reduction in the capacity of shops – are adequate, he said on Wednesday.

The appearance on Swiss territory of new strains of the virus, much more contagious, does it not change the situation? This Tuesday, the scientific task force warned against a potentially very dangerous third wave by spring. The Federal Council is attentive to this, but wants to stick to the system in place. There is no evidence that these variants cause more severe forms of Covid-19, nor that vaccines current ones are not effective, he recalls.

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